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Vaping on a budget is easier than you might think. We look at ways to maximise your enjoyment while making your vaping money go further. From clearance e liquids to bulk buys on ejuice, there are many ways to save money.

First of All

A warning first of all. Buying cheap e liquid from a reputable retailer such as ourselves who is able to offer such good prices as we buy bulk and choose wholesale e liquid (amongst other things) is very different to buying a cheap job lot off Bob from a social media site who is selling ejuice out of the back of his van. We offer cheap eliquid, however, we know for certain where it came from, that it adheres to Tobacco Products Directive regulations and that it is the real deal. With special offers constantly being updated on the site and with ongoing affordable prices, there’s no need to risk your health by opting for ejuices from a less than reputable source.

Set a Budget

Vaping is a hobby just like any other and as with all hobbies there is a cost. Thankfully, when switching from smoking to vaping you are already saving yourself money as at the time of writing this, the cost of a pack of a generic brand of tobacco cigarettes (20 pack) is around £10. Don’t lose those savings by spending the same amount on e cigarettes and vaping liquid, it just isn’t necessary. Choose a budget that you want to spend on vaping and can afford to spend on vaping each month and stick to it. It might be an idea to put your budget in two “pots”, one for buying flavoured e liquid and the other to put aside for consumables like for when you eventually need to replace e cigarette batteries or want to upgrade your e cigarette. By sticking to your planned budget you can enjoy vaping on a budget guilt-free.


Bulk Buy

We offer bulk buys or eliquid multi-deal packs on a number of our e liquids offering you the chance to stock up (saving on postage by ordering over £25 to get free delivery) and get the best prices on your order. This also means that you have what you need there and ready, so minimise the time you have to spend ordering. Don’t get us wrong, we love having you visit, but here at Go Smoke Free we are all about making your vaping experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible. If that means you order £25 or more at once then don’t come back for a month, but stay a GSF customer that enjoys their vape, we’d prefer that to someone who orders very small amounts regularly, and gets hit with the p&p charges. Bulk buy, have everything you need to hand and save money.

Check Special Offers

Before you buy anything on the site, check out our special offers page first. We regularly update this section with e liquid clearance items, items we’ll no longer be stocking (to make way for newer ranges) and special offers purely because we want to making your vaping more affordable.

Reward Points

We like to reward customers for their loyalty and so we introduced our Reward Points scheme.This is a great way to make savings on future orders. See the picture below to see how our points transfer in vouchers.


If you are vaping on a budget there are so many ways that you may enjoy your vaping experience without breaking the bank. As this blog post suggests, make a budget, utilise multi-pack deals and special offers and you’ll make your vaping hobby one which doesn’t hit your bank balance hard. Overspending strips some of the joy from what is an extremely enjoyable way to enjoy big vape clouds full of flavour (thanks to high VG e liquid) as well as a massive range of flavours, and more.

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