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If you have turned to vaping in a bid to stop smoking, part of this voyage will involve reducing your nicotine dependency. As we all know, nicotine is highly addictive, and if you try to wean off it too quickly, it could lead to backsliding, or worse, outright failure in kicking the habit. When it comes to reducing nicotine intake, it's a slow process allowing the body to adjust. Take note of some advice:

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug, a natural stimulant that is found in tobacco leaves. The chemical structure of nicotine is very similar to another stimulate we are all familiar with: caffeine. There is no question that smoking is carcinogenic, but it's vital to understand that nicotine on its own is not.

Reduce nicotine strength gradually:

Weaning off nicotine is no easy feat, but it's not impossible. Doing so slowly and gradually has produced the best results for most people. Once you decide and commit, have accepted that this will be a process that will take some time, you can reach your goal and will be nicotine free. Using vaping as a tool to reduce your nicotine intake is highly beneficial. It has the most favourable success rate compared to traditional quitting methods, like nicotine patches, inhalers or chewing gum. There are so many options to choose when deciding on nicotine strength. Still, it's always a good idea to experiment and reduce or increase the nicotine strengths as needed. Remember, this is your journey, so go with what YOU require and don't pressure yourself.

Switch to Sub Ohm Vaping:

Another excellent idea to reduce your nicotine levels is to switch to Sub Ohm vaping. There are numerous ranges of flavours and tailored nic strengths in the form of short-fills. Keep in mind that Sub Ohm devices are far more powerful and generally used to inhale deeper and directly into the lungs, so you should halve your nicotine strength, at least at the beginning. Milder flavoured e-juices are recommended as nicotine may have a far harsher taste and affect if you switch to a Sub Ohm vape kit.

Only use nicotine when you need it:

As you progress on your journey to cut out nicotine, keep a diary. Everyday stresses can trigger cravings. By recording your progress, you will be aware of how and when any triggers occur. A good idea is to use a 0mg liquid most days and a higher dose when you need it. This method is effective in social settings like a night out or if you've had a long, stressful day at work.

Use short-fills to control nicotine strength:

Shortfills are such a fantastic tool for controlling nicotine intake, especially when you're trying to reduce your nicotine levels whilst quitting cigarettes. If you're not familiar with what short-fills are, let's elaborate. Short-fills are bottles of flavoured, nicotine-free e-liquid with extra room in the bottle to add a nicotine shot. These bottles are filled with e-liquid but leave enough space for you to add your nicotine requirement. If you buy 50ml of short-fill, it will come in a 60ml bottle leaving enough room to add your single 10ml nic shot. Short-fills are available in various ml sizing and a massive range of flavours.

Stick to high PG liquids if you prefer MTL vaping:

If you prefer MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping to Sub Ohm vaping, we recommend sticking with what you like and use a higher PG (Propylene Glycol) liquid / 50:50 mix. Part of the pleasures of smoking traditional cigarettes is the sensations of inhaling and the "throat hit" satisfaction. Higher PG liquids offer the same, and by using a 50:50 e-liquid, you're still able to enjoy the pleasure of 'throat hit' without using as much nicotine.

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