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A Guide To Vaping Kits and What They're For

So you're ready to enter the vaping universe but don't know where to begin? All the different lingo and terminology can be complicated and confusing. Choosing the best kit to start is essential and more so if you're looking to transit from tobacco to vaping. Below we cover all the basics when you're looking for a kit.

What parts make up a vape kit?

The Tank: This is the plastic or glass casing that surrounds the coil. It's placed between the battery and the drip tip. The tank holds the e-liquid which feeds up into the coil.

The Drip Tip: This is placed at the top of the vape kit and is the section you place in your mouth to inhale the vapour.

The Coil: The part of the system that heats e-liquid and turns it into the vapour you inhale. It contains a metal wire surrounded by wicking material (usually cotton). The battery charges the wire and this heat will transfer to the wick which creates vapour from the e-liquid. The coil will need changing every so often as it can burn out and change the taste of your e-liquid.

The Battery: This contains the energy and power required to heat the coil, which creates the vapour you inhale. The power output of the battery is shown in Volts (V) or Wattage (W).

Vape kits and the difference between devices

Vape Pens: This is a popular choice for new vapers. They're simple to operate with charging simplified through a USB port. Battery life ranges from a few hours to up to a day, depending on how frequently you use it. Pen styles are easily refilled, so there's no extra spending on pod refills.

Cig-a-Likes: Disposable, lightweight, and replicate the style of smoking. They do have limitations with the finite amount of e-liquid as they don't come in a refillable option. The battery life is limited on this variety.

Pod Kits: Small enough to fit your pocket, lightweight with the same feel as vaping Pod Mods. If you're looking for higher nicotine content, then these are a good option. Replaceable pods are used in Pod Kits which can be refilled, making them a better cost-effective alternative to Cig-a-Likes.

Box Mod Kits: These are for more accomplished vapers. They have options to adjust temperature, wattage and airflow for a fully customised experience. Box Mods require far more battery power, are heavier and bigger and upgrading the tank is simple. Just like vape pens, the tanks on Box Mods are refillable.

How do I choose the best kit for my needs?

You need to consider three things when asking this question: How you want to vape, the PG/VG ratio of your liquid and nicotine strength.

Nicotine strength in your e-liquid is an essential factor if you are swapping over from smoking to vaping. Nicotine in a traditional cigarette is much higher than vaping with nicotine. This is due to the delivery of nicotine into your body. The aerosol nicotine from vaping isn't as strong. Nicotine levels shown on the bottle is how much you're getting per 1ml of e-juice.

Below is a general recommendation:

• If you are a social smoker, start on 3mg and see how that feels. If that's too strong, get some e-liquid in a 0mg strength and dilute it. This way, you're in charge of the nicotine strength.

• Lighter smokers who only smoke a few cigarettes a day are satisfied with 6mg nicotine strength.

• Smokers on approximately 20 a day, 12mg is a good starting point here. It's mid-range on the nicotine scale.

• For substantial smokers (more than a pack a day) try starting on a higher nicotine level. This is 18 to 20mg and the highest level available.

How you want to vape determines the device you decide on. Below are the two different methods used by vapers:

MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping is inhaling vapour from your e-cigarette into your mouth, then into your lungs. This vaping style is best suited for beginners as it simulates how most people smoke a cigarette and will help ease the transition from smoking to vaping. Some kits are specially designed for this as they have a coil of 1ohm resistance or higher.

DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping, also known as 'sub-ohm vaping', involves inhaling the vapour from an e-cigarette directly into the lungs. More experienced vapers usually favour this as the vapour is denser. Still, it can be overwhelming for inexperienced or new vapers.

The ingredients of your e-liquid are made up of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Common ingredients found in many household products like soap or toothpaste.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a thicker, sweeter liquid. It produces massive vapour clouds, is a much thicker, sweeter liquid and is smoother when inhaled.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is odourless and carries the flavour in e-liquid. It's also the component which delivers "throat hit". It has a thinner consistency, so it's easier to vapourise.

If you need a higher nicotine level in your e-juice, you need an even PG/VG combination, i.e. a 50/50 split and a standard pod mod or vape pen.