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Death Squad E Liquid

The branding for the Death Squad e liquids is eye-catching, memorable and will do your e liquid box proud. We were surprised at first to find that such a fierce-sounding brand actually contained sweet and fluffy flavours such as cookies and donuts but somehow, it really works. What we do have to say though, having tested these vape flavours out ourselves, is that while these may be sweet flavours, they certainly aren’t mild or weak, far from it. Enjoy fresh, full and flavoursome fruity dessert-like pleasure with each and every draw.

If you have been frustrated by the lack of higher strength nicotine e liquids since the TPD regulations came into play in 2017, we feel your pain. Thankfully the Dead Squad e liquids are short fill e liquids. This means that you will receive incredibly tasty zero nicotine e liquid with free nicotine shots to use or you may top up the bottle, mix and enjoy an e liquid using your own nicotine. Vapers looking for the perfect vape don’t like to be thwarted!

On top of awesome flavours and customisable nicotine levels, these Death Squad e liquids are high VG e juices, with up to 80% VG in each e liquid base. This means you may expect a smoother vape with some seriously good big vape cloud capabilities. If you’re a sub ohm vaper or cloud chaser this will tick a lot of boxes for you.

For awesome tastes and numerous other benefits, it’s clear to see why Death Squad e liquids, produced right here in the UK, are so popular.

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