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The Ultimate Guide To Elf Bars

Welcome to our ultimate guide to one of the world's most famous disposable vape brands - Elf Bar! From its iconic disposable vapes to its bestselling reusable devices, Elf Bar has set the standard for quality vaping. From the extensive flavour menu to the innovations in disposable vape technology, Elf Bar offers something to suit all vapers. In this guide, we will look at Elf Bar as a brand, the different types of Elf Bars available and how to get the most out of your device.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Who Is Elf Bar?

Elf Bar is an electronic cigarette brand based in China owned by the firm iMiracle Shenzhen. The brand is best known for its disposable vapes; however, it also manufactures reusable variants, including refillable pod devices. Elf Bars are known for their brightly coloured designs and wide range of fruity flavours. They are also the parent brand of other popular vapes, such as Lost Mary.

Elf Bar has quickly taken the vaping world by storm, becoming the best-selling vape in the United Kingdom and the United States. They’re a great starting point for anyone looking for a no-fuss entry vape and a great backup option for seasoned vapers looking to pick up an emergency device.

How To Use An Elf Bar?

If you’re already sold on Elf Bar disposable vapes, it’s time to get clued up on how to use yours to get the best out of your device.

How does an Elf Bar work?

Elf Bar disposables work the same way as all e-cigarettes. Each device contains a battery, a coil and e-liquid - the coil is wrapped in cotton which soaks up the e-liquid. As you inhale, the battery heats the coil, which turns the e-liquid into vapour. Prefilled pod devices work in the same way; the e-liquid is just contained in the pod which is then attached to the device.

How To Set Up An Elf Bar?

Elf Bars are known for being incredibly easy to use, with little to no maintenance required, whichever device you choose. Disposable Elf Bars can be used straight out of the box; simply inhale them to activate the device and enjoy. Once the device is empty, simply dispose of it and move on to a new one.

For refillable Elf Bars, the only maintenance needed is switching out an empty pod when it's finished and replacing it with a full one.

For the larger puff device (Elfbar AF5000), it’s a simple case of; unboxing your device and removing the sticker, unplugging the rubber stopper from the liquid chamber, unscrewing the liquid cap to insert the bottle into the chamber, be sure to use the guide rails of the device to ensure a secure seal when inserting the liquid.

Are Elf Bars Refillable?

Disposable Elf Bars such as the Elf Bar 600 and the 600 V2 cannot be refilled; once the device is empty, you simply replace it. If you are using an Elf Bar pod device, the empty pod can be removed and replaced when needed. The Elf Bar AF5000 refills itself using the 10ml pod that comes with the kit. Simply slide the refill container into place along the side, ensuring it is in line and fully installed within the main device. Turn the device upside down for 10 seconds to fill up the pod, then continue vaping.

Will I Know When My Elf Bar Is Empty?

Yes. Disposable Elf Bars are designed to last 1-2 days, and you will know when your device is nearing its end. The flavour tends to deteriorate as you approach the end of the lifespan, as does the amount of vapour produced. Elf Bars also have an LED light that will flash to indicate when the device has run out of liquid.

What Do I Do When My Elf Bar Runs Out?

Elf Bars should be disposed of responsibly when they run out. Vapers should recycle their disposable vapes at their nearest electrical recycling point where possible. Visit Recycle Your Vapes for more information.

Are There Side Effects To Using Elf Bars?

E-cigarettes should only be used by people trying to quit smoking, as nicotine is an addictive substance. Elf Bars should not cause any unique side effects; however, if you do experience any headaches, nausea or a sore throat, you should stop vaping until the symptoms subside. If they persist, try switching to a lower-strength nicotine device.

Why Choose Elf Bar Disposable Vapes?

There are many reasons why Elf Bar is one of the leading vape brands in the world. Firstly, they have set the standard when it comes to ease of use, making them ideal for first-time vapers who need an effortless transition from smoking. Elf Bar disposables can be used straight out of the box without filling or charging the device before use. The inhale activation also mimics traditional smoking, making it a great choice for those looking to quit.

Elf Bars are also incredibly cost-effective, with disposables readily available for around £4-£5. They’re usually included in multi-buy deals such as 5 for £18, which is a great way to stock up while saving money. Compared to the cost of a packet of cigarettes, switching to Elf Bars is a real no-brainer!

Alongside the Elf Bar disposable vapes, the brand also offers an extended range of vaping products, such as the Elfa Pro, the Elf Bar Mate 500 (and recently, the Elf Bar AF5000 which is a TPD compliant 5000 puff rechargeable disposable). These refillable kits can be paired with Elf Bars refillable pods, a great way to sample the flavours of the disposable vapes in a reusable device.

What Liquid Is Used In Elf Bars?

Each Elf Bar disposable contains 2ml of 20mg nicotine-salt liquid. The liquid itself is made from premium ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), water, flavourings and nicotine. Unlike traditional cigarettes, Elf Bars do not contain any harmful chemicals, tobacco or tar.

All Elf Bar products use nicotine-salt liquid rather than standard freebase nicotine. Nic-salt is designed to deliver a much smoother throat hit and absorb into the body faster, making it an excellent option for those looking to satisfy their nicotine cravings.

What Flavours Do Elf Bar Offer?

The range of flavours Elf Bar offers is one of the largest on the vaping market, with a range that spans across multiple categories including fruits, sodas, menthols, tobaccos and candies, there really is something for every taste preference. The fruit range features some of the most popular flavours available including Blueberry, Strawberry Banana and Watermelon, with the soda range including the likes of Pink Lemonade, Blue Razz Lemonade and Cherry Cola. If menthols are your thing, Elf Bar offer fruity flavours with an icy blast finish including Strawberry Ice and Banana Ice, as well as a plain and simple tobacco offering which features the likes of Cream Tobacco.

Elf Bar also offer an extensive selection of their best selling flavours in 10ml nic salt e liquid bottles. Each bottle has a 50PG/50VG mix and contains either 10 mg (1%) or 20mg (2%) nicotine content depending on your preference. Popular flavours in this range include Sour Apple, Grape and Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, which are perfect for use in electronic vaping devices and refillable pods.

  • Elf Bar 600 - 28 Flavours
  • Elf Bar 600 V2 - 29 Flavours
  • Mate 500 - 14 Flavours
  • Elfa Pod Kit - 28 Flavours
  • Elfa Pro Pod Kit - 28 Flavours

What Different Types Of Elf Bars Are There?

While we’re focusing on the disposable Elf Bar 600, it’s also worthwhile taking a look at some of the other fantastic devices in the Elf Bar family.

Elf Bar 600 V2
The Elf Bar 600 V2 is the latest disposable Elf Bar on the market. This sleek device is the upgraded version of the original Elf Bar 600, offering all the classic features with brand-new internal QUAQ technology. The addition of the QUAQ mesh coils ensures you get the best flavour delivery possible with smooth and consistent output due to the finer mesh design producing a larger heating area.  With over 30 flavours to choose from, the Elf Bar 600 V2 is ready to vape straight out of the box, with no refilling or recharging necessary. 

Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit
The Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit is a fully rechargeable pod device, ideal for vapers looking for a cost-effective device with all the benefits of Elf Bar disposables. This compact device is suitable for vapers of all experience levels and can be recharged as many times as required. The Elf Bar Mate uses prefilled pods to deliver optimum flavour with every puff; once a pod is empty - simply switch it out for a new one and continue vaping. With nine bestselling Elf Bar flavours to choose from, this innovative pod device is a great choice for vapers looking for consistency and longevity in their vape. Plus, the pod system is much more eco-friendly than single-use devices.

Elfa Pod Kit
The Elfa Pod Kit is another prefilled pod device that’s designed for ultimate convenience. By bridging the gap between disposable vapes and rechargeables, the Elfa Pod is sleek, stylish and durable with a powerful internal 500 mah battery. Each kit comes with a pre-filled pod that contains up to 600 puffs; once this one is empty, it can be replaced with another pod, allowing you the freedom to keep vaping. Prefilled Elfa Pods can be purchased in packs of two, with thirteen delicious flavours to choose from.

Elf Bar Cigalike Disposable Vape
The Elf Bar Cigalike is a realistic-looking disposable e-cigarette that’s designed to mimic the look and feel of smoking closely. This compact yet powerful device is ideal for nights out or for new vapers taking the first steps away from smoking. Ready to vape straight out of the packet, this precharged disposable delivers up to 600 puffs and is available in twenty different flavours.

Elf Bar AF5000
The AF5000 is the long-awaited ‘big-puff’ device from Elf Bar. This draw-activated, rechargeable device can deliver up to 5000 puffs thanks to its cutting-edge technology. Each device comes with a prefilled 2ml e-liquid pod that is automatically topped up when empty, thanks to the 10ml refill container. With fifteen delicious flavours to choose from, this refillable pod kit sets a new standard for rechargeable ‘disposables’. Combining innovative technology with Elf Bar’s iconic nic-salt liquids, the AF5000 offers something for both beginner and expert vapers.

What Does The ‘Puff Count’ Mean On An Elf Bar?

Disposable vapes are measured by their puff count, which is the number of times you can inhale on the device before it’s empty. A standard Elf Bar 600 disposable delivers approximately 600 puffs, the equivalent of around 20 cigarettes. Newer devices, such as the Elf Bar AF5000, can deliver up to 5000 puffs thanks to the innovative refillable pod system. The exact number of puffs per device will vary depending on the individual’s vaping habits; heavier smokers may find that their Elf Bar runs out a lot quicker than a lighter smoker.

Are Elf Bars Good Value For Money?

Disposable Elf Bars, such as the 600 or the 600 V2, offer the equivalent of 20 cigarettes, making them a cost-effective option for those looking to quit smoking. For long-term vapers, there may be better options than disposables when it comes to saving money, with refillable pod devices or rechargeable vape kits offering better value. Vapers who prefer the convenience of disposables should take advantage of multi-buy deals and discounts that often work out a lot cheaper than buying individual devices. Buying in bulk also ensures that you can sample a wide range of flavours, which is perfect for getting a good introduction to the Elf Bar brand.

How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

Elf Bars typically come in 20mg nicotine strength; however, it is possible to find 10mg strength Elf Bars across the majority of their devices. The 20mg strength is the highest in the UK, making it fully TPD compliant.

What Sets Elf Bar Vapes Apart From The Competition?

Elf Bar is the UK’s leading disposable vape brand, setting the standard for single-use vapes worldwide. With so many new devices and brands popping up all the time, Elf Bar has retained the top spot thanks to continuous innovation and new flavour blends being introduced all the time. The slim, sleek design of the Elf Bar 600 and the Elf Bar 600 V2 is perfect for those transitioning from smoking to vaping. Those who prefer the compact box design may find a better fit in another brand under the Elf Bar umbrella, Lost Mary.

Can You Legally Buy Elf Bars In The UK?

Yes. Elf Bars are 100% legal to buy in the UK for anyone over the age of 18. They comply with all regulations set out by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regarding nicotine strength and capacity. Like all popular vape brands, counterfeit devices flood the market, so it is important to ensure you only purchase genuine Elf Bars. Any Elf Bar with more than 20mg of nicotine is likely to be an illegal, counterfeit vape.

Elf Bar Vapes: Troubleshooting

While it’s rare for Elf Bars to malfunction, it’s always best to know what to do if you encounter trouble. Let's examine some possible issues.

My Elf Bar Isn’t Producing Vapour.

If your Elf Bar isn’t producing any vapour, it is likely that either the battery or the e-liquid has run out. If this is the case, switch to a new device. If a new Elf Bar stops producing vapour, the device could be faulty, and you should contact your retailer for assistance.

My Elf Bar Tastes Burnt.

If you start to experience a burnt taste from your vape, the e-liquid has likely run out, and the wicking material around the coil is starting to burn. To make sure there is no liquid left in the device, turn it upside down for a few seconds. If there is no change, switch to a new device.

My Elf Bar Won’t Fire.

If your Elf Bar isn’t working, either the battery is dead, or you’re out of e-liquid. If yours is a new device, contact your retailer for assistance, as the device may be faulty.

My Elf Bar Is Leaking.

Elf Bar disposable vapes are supposed to be leakproof; however, leaks can occur if the device is dropped or damaged. If the liquid is leaking out of your Elf Bar, stop using it immediately to avoid swallowing any e-liquid. Dispose of the device safely and switch over to a new one.

My Elf Bar Feels Warm.

Elf Bar disposable vapes can feel warm if used excessively, and we recommend taking regular breaks between vaping to allow the battery to cool down. If your Elf Bar feels very hot, the battery could be malfunctioning; if this is the case, you should dispose of the device immediately and move on to a new one.

ELF Bars VS Traditional Cigarettes

Vaping is a proven smoking cessation tool, and disposable Elf Bars are designed to ensure you have a convenient alternative at hand - wherever you are! If you are looking to quit smoking, Elf Bars are an excellent choice, with each device designed to replicate the look and feel of smoking a normal cigarette.

Are Elf Bars Safer Than Smoking?

While the long-term effects of vaping are yet to be studied, it is proven to be 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Elf Bars are fully TPD compliant and don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. It is important to note that Elf Bars should only be used by those wanting to quit smoking as they contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance.

Can I Quit Smoking With Elf Bar Disposables?

Yes. Vaping is proven to be one of the most effective tools to help quit smoking, and it is recommended by Public Health England. Vaping alone is usually not enough to quit smoking; it is important to ensure you have plenty of support around you to really kick the habit.

Elf Bars At Go Smoke Free

As the leading disposable vape brand in the world, it’s no surprise that Elf Bar vapes fly off the shelves here at Go Smoke Free! With a huge range of flavours and a variety of high-quality devices to choose from, this innovative brand caters to both beginner and expert vapers. If you have any other questions about Elf Bars or any of the disposable vapes we sell, get in touch with one of our vaping experts, who will be happy to help. Until then, happy vaping!

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