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Could E Cigarettes Actually Be Good For Your Health?

14th Dec 2014

Some state that not smoking anything, e cig or tobacco is what is best for your health however a recent study in the BMJ suggests that nicotine may actually have beneficial properties for those suffering with a number of mental health issues.

While e cigs smokers may enjoy variable levels of nicotine which they may control they don't find themselves exposed to the great number of chemicals found in many manufactured tobacco cigarettes. This in itself suggests that e cigarettes are certainly better for the individual than regular cigarettes although no studies have been undertaken as yet to definitively prove this.

The report shows that studies suggest that smoking itself and particularly nicotine intake helps with anxiety, depression, PTSD and more. The rituals of smoking and the calming and relaxing effect that it has certainly helps many and those who had cigarettes take away from them as part of the study or their as part of their treatment regime showed deterioration in behaviour with improvement when they were returned. Indeed there is a strong link between mental health conditions and smoking and evidence to support the fact that vaping can bridge the gap, being a useful cessation device for those with a mental health condition who smoke tobacco cigarettes. This is a group of individuals who have been identified as struggling to quit smoking using other methods currently on the market.

Of course this could be interpreted in a number of ways however data published in 2001 in the US Psychiatric Times suggests that there is a link between nicotine and the improvement of and management of some mental health issues and symptoms.

The e cigarette market has a long way to go before it is labelled as "beneficial" by authorities however many already enjoy the benefits of e smoking on their mood, enjoyment and in helping themselves reducing their nicotine intake gradually so perhaps the day will come when e cigs are more universally recognised by medical professionals as being a positive factor in some treatments.

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