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If your usual e cigarette was a van, a vaping kit from Laisimo would be a van from the A Team (only a little better held together). If it was a car, it would be Knightrider. If it was…. You get the picture. We’re talking all the bells, all the whistles and more features than ever before which helps you enjoy a truly awesome, premium vaping experience. Laisimo, based in Shenzhen, China, have wowed the vaping community and consumers alike with their range of e cigarettes, RTAs, mods and more, all of which offer a high-end customisable vaping experience. Not only do Laisimo work brilliantly, taking vaping to the next level, they look awesome too! No expense has been spared as far as design has gone so that when you have your device in your hand you just want to show it off. If Laisimo was a supermodel…….

On a serious note, Laisimo has invested vast amounts of time, energy and money into research, striving to always be at the very forefront of the latest developments in the vaping world and the results of this dedication is a range of ultimate vaping items which tick all the boxes, and some.

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