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A Guide to Different Atomizer Types

When it comes to choosing the right atomizer (also referred to as clearomizers or attys) for you there are three choices, a rebuildable, replaceable or disposable type. Which one you'll ultimately go for will depend on a number of factors.

Choosing the Right Atomizer

The e cigarette market has expanded in such a way that e smokers now have more options that ever when it comes to customising their e smoking or vaping experience. There are now more atomizer types to choose from which means that you are able to choose one which fits your individual needs, wants and wishes. In order to ensure you do choose the right type of atomizer you must first consider the pros and cons of each as what might appeal to one person may no necessarily appeal to the next.

The main question here, and one which is frequently asked by new vapers is whether they choose a disposable atomizer or one whose coil may be replaced or even rebuilt.

The Disposable Atomizer - Pros and Cons

Disposable / throwaway atomizers are often the first thing a new vaper tries when moving over from tobacco smoking to electronic cigarette use. Often seen in starter kits and being fairly cheap the vaper uses the disposable atomizer until they hear a gurgling sound or taking a draw / drag becomes harder. This is the indicator which tells you it's time to throw the atomizer away and fit a new one. Disposable atomizers are easy to come by as well as being initially more affordable than some smoking options which is ideal if you are unlucky enough to lose or damage the atomizer your are / were using.

It is worth mentioning however that while disposable atomizers are cheaper on a piece by piece basis that they don't last as long as reusables and so need to replaced often. This is likely to make them more expensive in the long run. The reason for this is that when you use a disposable atomizer you throw the whole atomizer away. With a reusable or rebuildable version you don't have to take such drastic actions.

Other downsides include the fact that with a disposable atomizer you may not achieve as full a vapour or flavour as with a more permanent solution given that the cheaper alternatives are made in such a simple way so as to be easily thrown away. These disposables may lack a number of features the more sophisticated atomizers boast however they are the preferred method for new vapers, especially as they are a more affordable way to check vaping out to see if it is for you.

Atomizers with Replaceable Coil Heads - Pros and Cons

Replaceable coil head atomizers are very commonly used by vapers, more so than any other type. Once the coils within the atomizer need replacing users simply unscrew these and replace with new ones, and the e cig is ready to use once more. Replaceable atomizers do cost more than disposable ones if you compare them side by side however replaceable coil head atomizers last longer and cost less long term.

In addition to this type of atomizer working out cheaper extra features such as control valves for airflow and the tubes being made from quality Pyrex glass being included makes for a clearer flavour and better vapour production.

Being made of glass these atomizers may also be washed out with ease making it possible to use a different flavour to before without tainting. This isn't possible with disposable atomizers.

Rebuildable Atomizers - Pros and Cons

For experienced vapers and those looking to customise their vaping experience further the rebuildable atomizer makes a great choice as this is the option which offers the very best vapour and flavour production. Again, the initial costs are higher than other options however over time this cost tends to even out and you may even save money over a longer period.

Building your own coils and rebuilding atomizers takes time, skill and a lot of patience. Some try and don't persevere while others work at it and perfect the technique. There may be some wasted materials etc when starting out however being able to build your own working atomizer is quite the achievement.

Once rebuilt this type of atomizer is easy to use once completed and while the list of items you need to get started seems substantial to start with few people ever want to go back to replaceable or disposable atomizers once they've started rebuilding their own.

So Which is Best?

Clearly each type of atomizer has its pros and cons. The general rule of thumb is for vapers to start out on disposable atomizers or replaceable ones (dependant on what e cigarette starter kit they decide to go for) and then move on to rebuilding if and when they decide that they would like more control over their smoking experience, as well as wanting to save money in the long run.

Experimenting is the only way to truly know which type is going to work best for your, your individual vaping style and your budget.