The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes, or E-Cigs as they are commonly called, provide a new way to eliminate the harmful effects of cigarette smoke from your life. Since there are many brands associated with the E-Cigs revolution, Vapourmate is here to help. People from all across the UK are turning to Vapourmate to help them kick their smoking habits, once and for all.

Most electronic cigarettes use E-liquid instead of tobacco. A battery inside the E-cig then works to heat and vaporize the liquid solution. The solution inside an electronic cigarette contains nicotine, but it does not contain the carcinogens or other cancer-causing ingredients commonly found in tobacco smoke. The result is a device which simulates the look and feel of a real cigarette, while eliminating the strong odor and harmful properties associated with original cigarettes.

Besides its own line of E-cigs, Vapourmate carries brands such as Innokin and Kanger EVOD. Their E-liquids come from Hangsen, and 3 of the featured flavors are Tobacco, Golden Virginia and Menthol. However, you can choose from other flavors as well. All of the E-liquids are produced with vegetable glycerin, propylene glycerol and polythene glycerol.

Many people turn to Vapourmate because they carry E-cigs made by Innokin. Innokin provides refills that are the very best on the market. This is due to the fact that you get much more vapour while you use their refills. The result is a pleasurable, and realistic smoking experience. They achieve this through low-resistance cartomizers, which are available in menthol and tobacco flavors. You can choose from one of three nicotine strengths; mild, regular and strong. Cartomizers are priced at £6.99.

Vapourmate is an industry leader that is dedicated to helping smokers lead healthier lives.