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Wanting to Give Up Tobacco Cigarettes Using E Cigs

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is harmful to your health. Don't take our word for it, there is plenty of guidance on the NHS website which explains the dangers of tobacco smoking and the benefits of giving up.

Giving up smoking is not the easiest of tasks however, despite smokers fully understanding the risks and perhaps even waning to give up. The truth is, smoking is addictive. The nicotine contained within cigarettes is addictive, the habit of reaching for a cigarette is addictive and giving up requires not only a lot of will power; sometimes it requires a little extra help.

Many people are turning to e cigarettes in order to quit tobacco smoking with a lot of success for many reasons.

Cutting the Chemicals

The chemicals contained within manufactured tobacco cigarettes include some eye-opening ingredients, from butane (used in lighter fluid) to arsenic (found in rat poison) to tar and one by-product is the toxic gas carbon monoxide. Most smokers know this, and despite the guidance on cigarette packet labels, in the doctor's surgery, on television and practically everywhere you look these days people still continue to light up and inhale these harmful substances.

The first step in giving up smoking and repairing your health is to banish these chemicals and many choose to switch to e cigarettes to do just that. E cigarette e liquids are made up from non-toxic propylene glycol, nicotine and flavourings with no nasty damaging chemicals in sight. The simple switch from tobacco smoking to e cigarette smoking is a significant one in giving up smoking and ridding yourself from significant harmful side-effects.

Cutting Your Nicotine Levels
A huge plus point for people looking to give up smoking is the fact that e cigarettes offer you the option to reduce your nicotine intake gradually while enjoying a significantly cleaner smoke. The e liquids which fill e cigarettes and even the pre-filled disposable varieties both come in various strengths. This means that smokers may choose the level of nicotine that they wish to inhale and where the goal is to cut back on this they may work their way down the strength levels until they are ultimately enjoying both a nicotine free and chemical free smoke. 

Typically an e liquid or e cigarette which boasts around 1.2mg of nicotine is the same or similar strength to a regular cigarette. With levels varying from 3.6mg in varying levels to low as 0.2mg and even nicotine free e liquids it is easy to see how cigarette smokers switch to vaping and slowly but surely reduce their nicotine levels without also battling the lost comfort and habit that exists with smoking.

Breaking the Habit

One of the harder habits to break about cigarette smoking is the habit itself. The physical act of reaching for a cigarette and drawing in smoke and enjoying the throat hit you are used to. This can be calming, a stress buster and of course enjoyable. Enjoying a low or nicotine free e smoke allows smokers to continue enjoying their smoking past-time without the harmful elements.

Once the chemicals are out of your system and you've whittled away the nicotine the only thing left to work on is the habit. At this point some smokers give up smoking altogether. Some find that they've reduced the amount they e smoke to the point where they only have the occasional e puff here and there and others decide that now they've given up the chemicals and the nicotine that they might as well continue to e smoke and enjoy a much cleaner yet familiar and comforting flavoursome e smoke.

The Future of Smoking Cessation and E Cigarettes

It is clear that switching from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes in order to quit tobacco smoking is something which works for many, is something which most definitely has some health benefits and which just makes good sense.

There has been some talk about the NHS officially adopting e cigarettes for patients to use via prescription in the next couple of years to use as a smoking cessation device and it is clear to see why many think this would be a good idea. While e cigarettes are not strictly speaking cessation devices officially as yet the scope is there and many tobacco smokers have already made the switch, working to strengthen and protect their health while still enjoying the comforting and quality e smoke that they have grown to love.