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Optimising Your Electronic Cigarette Experience

When you start out with using an e cig it makes sense to only buy the minimum amount of kit to start with so that you may first decide whether the experience is for you before seeing what else is out there. Having decided, like many others before you that e cigarette smoking is an experience you are glad to continue with there are a few pieces of equipment or accessories which will further enhance the experience.

Get Yourself a Lanyard

This is the most simple accessory yet not only does it enable you to have your e cigarette to hand whenever you need it, it all ensures that the device remains upright which the manufacturers often recommend. Lanyards typically hang around your neck or may be used as loop on your belt or bag.

Extra Chargers and Batteries

For those who travel, work away or who are not brilliant at remembering to charge their e cig device a car charger may be a life saver! As long as you buy the charger which is specific to your e cig (this is very important from a safety point of view) then you will be set. For many models a USB charger is also available.

An extra battery or two often comes in handy, especially as having more than one enables you to continue smoking while your main battery is on charge.

A Carry Case

Sticking your e cigarette and your other accessories into the bottom of your bag or into your pockets is hardly practical and is likely to damage the equipment. There are a wide range of cases on the market which will help you carry everything that you need, and of course these may be personalised any way you like.

Clearomizers and Atomisers

There are a number of clearomizers and atomisers which may be used to alter and enhance the way that your e cigarette smokes. The Dual coil clearomizer for example provides a fuller flavour hit compared to single coil models. With so many on the market a bit of trial and error comes into play here to find the ultimate smoking kit however it is worth the effort if you want to find the appropriate piece of kit for you.