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​Vaping and Flying

29th Jun 2018

With summer holiday season here we thought we would address something we get asked about a lot; what are the rules about vaping on planes, in airports and for transporting e cigarettes and e liquids?

Vaping in Airports

Here in the UK the Go Smoke Free ban which came into law in 2007 prohibited smoking in public places entirely, 

including in airplanes and airports. Vaping however has not been classified in the same way (as it is nothing like smoking, indeed, Public Health England have announced that it is at least 95% less harmful than tobacco smoking). This means that the rules about vaping are somewhat more relaxed. That said, it is up to all individual premises to decide whether vaping is allowed. Many public places have decided to ban vaping too, purely because in the same way that people have the right not to have a cloud of smoke blowing across them, they have the same right to avoid an unwanted flavoured vape cloud.

Does this answer the question? Not really. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to public vaping and so the common sense and courteous thing to do is assume no vaping in a public area such as in an airport unless you are told otherwise,or there is a designated area, such as the one at Heathrow. Where vaping indoors is allowed make sure that you are considerate of those around you. Other airports such as Glasgow or Edinburgh don’t allow vaping at all.

Can I Vape on an Airplane

The short and sweet answer to this one is NO. You may take you e cigarettes on board with you (more on this below) but vaping is strictly prohibited. Feel free to check your individual airline for confirmation however we’d be surprised if you can find any exception to this rule.

May I Travel With My E Cigarette and E Liquid

While it is important to check with the airport and airline you are flying from (and returning from) you would usually be allowed travel with your e cigarette in your carry on/ on your person. Some insist on these not being in overhead luggage and being in your pocket etc. Batteries and e liquids must not be packed in hold luggage and when travelling with e liquids these should be well labelled and stored in the same way that other liquids must be, according to the security rules in place for the region you are flying from.

If in any doubt check in advance so that you are not held up in security.

Vaping Abroad

While the UK is fairly pro-vaping other countries are not, with it being strictly prohibited in some countries and even some US states. With the risk of confiscation, fines or even legal action in some parts of the world it would be advantageous to thoroughly research national and local vaping regulations before you travel.

In Summary

With vaping being so well-known and highly regarded in most places now, travelling with your e cig and associated kit is rarely likely to be too much of an issue. Airports regularly have travellers coming through with vaping items and vaping is largely a global phenomenon. Simply make some extra checks before setting off and whatever you do, don’t forget a travel charger for your e cigarette batteries.


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