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Top Five Reasons People Move Over to E Cigarettes

17th Dec 2015

There are a great many reasons why people switch over from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping e cigarettes. E cigarettes really started to become popular in the UK after the 2007 Go Smoke Free legislation was passed, prohibiting the use of tobacco cigarettes in the workplace, on public transport and in a number of other public places.

While some might suggest that the reason people moved over post-legislation was because while tobacco cigarettes were banned e cigarettes were not (legally although individual premises had the power to ban their use) others would disagree.

In truth the ban and the resulting awareness campaigns that arose from the change in legislation made smoking something of an anti-social habit given that it was being made very clear that tobacco smoking was harmful to smoker's health as well as to the health and well-being of those who were affected by second hand smoke or passive smoking. Primarily vaping has become increasingly popular as it is a cleaner smoke than tobacco cigarettes are. This forms the baseline for most decisions to move over from tobacco to e cigs however it is not the only reason.

E Cigarettes Are Not That Different

While vaping is very different to tobacco cigarettes in terms of not containing the hundreds of dangerous and cancer-causing toxin chemicals (as proven and reported on by the WHO - World Heath Organisation) their use is very similar. They are mostly held the same way, smoked the same way (inhaled and exhaled) and some models look very much the same.

Reports that have followed studies into people giving up smoking have found that outside of the nicotine consumption (nicotine is highly addictive) many actually crave the ritual of smoking, the habit of having something in their hand and lifting it to their lips etc. This is why many who choose e cigarettes and work their way down to 0mg of nicotine in their e liquid or e juice still continue their vaping habit as it is familiar, comfortable and still highly enjoyable.

Vaping Works Out Cheaper

Everyone is looking to save money these days and extras such as smoking are often seen as unnecessary expenses. Rather than quit smoking altogether, as many simply don't want to, they opt for the cheaper alternative. While the start up costs of vaping are higher than the start up costs of tobacco smoking (a starter kit generally starts at just under ten pounds) the on-going running costs of vaping work out considerably lower than smoking tobacco cigarettes which are generally speaking as much as seven or eight pounds per packet of twenty cigarettes for a mid-range brand.
The costs of tobacco smoking is also rising rapidly, with additional taxes adding to their price while e cigarettes seem to be becoming cheaper, with great deals being available and additional ranges so that e smokers may tailor their vaping enjoyment to their budget.

E Cigarettes are More Socially Acceptable

Tobacco smoking is most definitely not a sociable habit, especially in mixed groups where there are non-smokers. In recent years there has been overwhelming evidence released which has proven beyond any doubt that tobacco smoking is harmful to health and to the health of those who come in contact with it in a passive way. With this information being widely known and understood smoking around others who don't smoke is very much seen as a negative thing to do.

E cigarettes on the other hand do not contain the cancer-causing chemicals tobacco cigarettes do, don't coat people's clothes, their homes and the area around them with an unpleasant smell and they aren't seen as unsociable. While the majority of e smokers have followed the trend of taking their e cigarettes outside / away from others within an enclosed area to smoke vaping is not tarred with the same brush as tobacco smoking by any means. Not leaving ash, cigarette butts or packaging debris in their wake like tobacco cigarettes do is another plus point for this type of smoking alternative.

It is expected that vaping will become regulated in the same way that smoking is in future, in line with Go Smoke Free regulations however few believe that this will again force negative comparisons between the two types of smoking as the evidence speaks for itself regarding which is proven harmful and as such which is the more sociable and more popular choice for many.

E Cigarettes are New, Shiny and Exciting

When smoking you usually have your choice of a few key brands and perhaps menthol and similar alternatives. When vaping you have access to a wide range of device types, accessories, a vast number of flavours and you may also customise your vaping experience further by choosing what nicotine level you wish to use, as many e liquids come in varying strengths all the way down to omg.

While tobacco smoking has been around for a very long time and is an established form of smoking many have moved over to vaping to enjoy not only the variety that it offers but so that they may enjoy the more up to date / modern smoking experience.

Vaping is also considered by many to be more sociable in a way as friends and colleagues discuss and compare flavours and strength types, as well the different accessories and similar that are available.

E Cigarettes are Cleaner

As before e cigarettes do not contain the tar, the dangerous chemicals or produce the harmful gases and by-products that tobacco cigarettes do. For this reason many are choosing to move over to vaping in order to enjoy a cleaner smoke.

Retailers and manufacturers aren't legally allowed to claim that vaping is a healthier choice as the government and legislative powers that be do not feel enough studies into vaping have been undertaken over a long enough period to definitively prove this. Despite this the majority of smokers are making the decision between the two types of smoking for themselves.

Vape retailers won't tell you that their products are healthier however they are able to disclose exactly what their products contain which when compared to the list of ingredients and chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes makes quite the difference.

E liquids, the liquid used within the e cigarette to produce a vapour which may be inhaled and exhaled, typically contains the following:

• A base liquid of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (or a mixture of the two), both of which are used in food production as well as in a number of other non-toxic manufacturing processes
• Flavourings (often natural flavourings, the ingredients for which are disclosed by the retailer / manufacturer)
• Nicotine (in varying strengths).

The list of chemical tobacco cigarettes container however may be much more eye opening which is why many decide to switch smoking types.

In Summary

It is clear to see why so many tobacco smokers are moving over to vaping. Saving money, enjoying a cleaner smoke, being more social or less of an outcast as well as being able to enjoy a modern smoke without the downsides of tobacco smoking is what makes the alternative such a wise choice.

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