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​Tips for Getting Better Flavours When Vaping

18th Oct 2017

Some people value big vape clouds and spend their time trying to enhance their big vape cloud production. That’s awesome, and absolutely fine however some vapers feel they don’t need big vape clouds and therefore instead prioritise flavour enhancement and flavour enjoyment. After all, one of the big advantages vaping has over smoking (other than the whole being 95% healthier thing) is variety. Who wouldn’t want to maximise their flavour-related fun?

There are a number of ways to enhance your flavour enjoyment and we’ve included these so that you can have it all, awesome flavours and even big cloud fun if you wish.

Choose Quality E Liquids

E Liquids are not created equally. Two brands might have similar ingredients and yet be very different. Why is that? 

The truth is, it comes down to quality. We can throw cheap and cheerful ingredients together with flavourings and produce an e liquid. It wouldn’t be a particularly good e liquid, but it would be one. We could choose to buy from a reputable retailer who uses the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients, cutting edge production processes and expertly skilled flavour mixologists instead. Which e liquid is going to satisfy your need for a quality vape?

Choose brands you can trust to offer you quality e juice.

Choose PG E Liquids

Your e liquid base is made up from a VG/PG mix (usually). Some favour high VG e liquids and we have to admit that they do pack a punch in the vape cloud department. The thing with VG e liquids however is that often, they carry an ever so slight sweet undertone with them which must affect how your e liquid tastes, even if only a little. VG also doesn’t carry flavour quite as well as PG. Experiment a little, as you don’t have to choose a straight up PG base, but more PG and less VG could make quite a difference.

Alter Your Temperature and Wattage Setting

Once you’ve moved past the basic plug and play e cigarette starter kit you may choose something that offers a more customisable vape, for example, allowing you to adjust the wattage and temperature it’s operating at. The reason this is important is because when you’re using an e liquid with various flavour strands and so on, often different “parts” of the e liquid and the flavourings are activated at different temperatures. By experimenting with your settings, you can really get the best out of whatever e liquid you choose to load up.

Start with a lower wattage/temperature and gradually increase until you find the sweet spot you’re looking for.

Restrict Airflow

WHAT? Everything you’ve read before will likely have told you to open up the adjustable airflow on your e cigarette as this offers you better vape clouds.The thing is, as fabulous as a flavoursome big vape cloud is, it might not be what you’re looking for. If maximising the flavour enjoyment is the top priority closing off the airflow would be the better approach. The reason this works so well as that by doing so, you produce a vapour that is warmer, thicker and sporting an enhanced flavour.

A word of caution though, don’t be tempted to close it off completely otherwise you’ll potentially move further from your goal and end up with a harsh, not so wonderful tasting vape. Experiment a little!

Choose The Device That Works For You

We already know that you need top quality e liquids, something with airflow control and that temperature and wattage control is advantageous. You also need to think carefully about the atomizer you choose to use. Top coil atomizers for example used to be the Bee’s Knees however these days, after much testing and so on, many are realising that bottom-coil atomizers are more efficient and generally offer you more.

If you really want to go for broke, consider sub ohm vaping. The way this works enables you to really ramp up the flavour production from your favourite e juice.

In Summary

If you want to enhance the level of flavour your e cigarette and e liquid offer you need to choose quality e liquids, ensure you have the right kit (and know how to use it), choose the correct PG/VG base ratio and be patient! It takes time to experiment in order to find your perfect combination but when you’ve got it, you’ll be very glad that you took the time to enhance your vaping experience.

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