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The Original Hard Man Fronts UK E Cig Advertisement

9th Dec 2015

In a move that sees the first ever celeb starring in an e cigarette advertisement the original British tough guy Vinnie Jones will be seen as the figurehead for a whopping £1.2 million e cig campaign.

With changes to the television regulations now allowing e cigarettes to be broadcast, where tobacco cigarette companies have not be allowed to advertise on TV since 1965, greater freedom has been allowed to e cigarette retailers and manufacturers when it comes to marketing their products. While strict rules must still be adhered to, for example e cigarettes or vaping must not glamourise smoking, must not target children or young adults, must not be marketed as a cessation device or encourage non-smokers to take up the habit the industry, as a whole many were delighted with the changes in November 2014.

A better person to front the campaign is hard to imagine, with Jones adopting his famous no-nonsense and no-frills style throughout. His gruff "You know it makes sense" (to move over to e smoking) says it all.

While Jones is not shown actually vaping an e cigarette himself the ex-smoker will be explaining the virtues of vaping  and eliquids and the range of e liquid flavours possible. The prime time advertisements are tipped to go down very well with the marketing company's target audience who all already know and respect if not adore the British icon. 

Despite the main man's infamy not everyone is happy with the e cigarette advertisements believing that they promote smoking and that e cigarettes should not be allowed to be advertised in this way. Additional concerns centre around the young seeing e smoking as a cool or attractive prospect. The ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) are however enforcing their e cigarette regulations fully, having already banned one in particular that watchers felt was too "sensual" in nature and so it is harder and hard for children to get hold of cigarettes at all.

It is believed that Vinnie Jones is an e cigarette fan himself in "real life" and so it makes sense for him to be someone who identifies with e cigarette vaping as much as his fans believe in him as someone who knows what he's talking about.
It is unlikely that this will be the last celeb-endorsed PR campaign around vaping as whether those against vaping like it or not, this cleaner way to enjoy a smoke is here to stay, with sales revenues and popularity increasing daily.

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