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The Life Expectancy of a Coil Head

26th Dec 2015

As with most things there are elements to e smoking which as considered disposable elements or items that need maintenance and replacement as and when necessary. Coil heads fall into this category. We are regularly asked "How long will my coil heads last?" and the short answer is anywhere from three days to just over two weeks on average.

While some coils may last slightly longer than others it is less the coil itself that dictates its life span and more the way that the e cigarette device is used.

What May Shorten the Life of a Coil

Repetitive or Chain E Smoking:

If you are a chain smoker / vaper and are constantly puffing away on your device without giving it a chance to catch up, basically not taking time between puffs you run the risk of overheating the coil which will result in a burnt wick and damage to the coil.

Incorrect Voltage:

It is easy to burn out or instantly "break" a coil by using a voltage that is too high for the ohms level of your device /coils. A higher voltage level will cause a fast build-up of heat, damaging the coil (listen out for the "pop") which is caused by the coil not being adequately covered in e liquid and the heat not being able to dissipate properly.


Not as great as it might sound this occurs when there is a build up on the wick. Gunk builds up more often when some particularly sweet e liquids or even tobacco flavoured e liquids are used, are exposed to excess heat and also when the device isn't cleaned / maintained as well as it might be.

Viscose E Liquids:

E liquids which sport a higher viscosity level, particularly those with a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG) in the base are prone to having a reduced level of flow which in turn causes the coil to overheat and be damaged / burn-out.

If despite your best efforts you do find yourselves having to change your coils a lot more frequently than you would expect to and have been mindful of the list above it could be that you need to decrease your voltage and increase the ohms of your device. Either this or you might want to try using a different clearomizer.

While being mindful of all of these factors it is important that you realise that no matter how well you treat and maintain your device, coils will die and regularly. This is the disposable element of e smoking. Thankfully replacement coils are very affordable, more so if you have reached a point where you feel confident enough to make your own (some very experienced e smokers do this in order to save money in the long term and to further customise their e smoke).

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