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If you are a part of the vaping community and have been for a while, the chances are you’ll have heard plenty about the TPD regulations. You may know all about these regulations however you might not, and if you are new to vaping, this mini crash course on finding out if your e cig and e juices are TPD Compliant might be just what you need.Every website, every vaping store and every vaping forum will have mentions of TPD somewhere. Many have plen… Read more
Recent guidelines announced by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) look set to hit the tobacco cigarette market hard. What these regulations are and what they mean for the industry is set out below. Will this be the death knell for tobacco firms, will it encourage more smokers to switch to vaping? Time will tell!Who are the TDP Again?The TPD are the EU Tobacco Products Directive and are responsible for a legally binding set of agreed rules and r… Read more

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