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​Switch to Vaping When Quitting Smoking if Weight Gain is a Worry

29th Mar 2018

There are many things that smokers say when voicing concerns about giving smoking. One of the most valid is the worry about weight gain. Many people do gain weight when quitting smoking, and we’ll look at why shortly. There is a shining light on this situation however. Studies have shown that those who switch to vaping are significantly less likely to struggle with the classic weight gain.

Why Give Up

Weight gain concerns aside, there are many very important reasons to give up smoking or switch to vaping. From a 

health perspective smoking has been proven beyond any doubt to be a habit that may be seriously harmful to your health. The World Health Organisation have classified many of the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes as being toxic and smoking them being likely to cause cancer.

Smoking related illnesses cause the NHS billions of pounds and the cost in terms of premature death is hard to quantify. There is no good reason to continue smoking when there are alternatives available, especially when to continue smoking is so very clearly harming your health.

Weight Gain: What to Expect

Gaining weight after giving up smoking, especially for those who smoked regularly, really is a thing, and not something smokers say to justify their decision to continue smoking. The NHS estimate that ex-smokers may gain approximately eleven pounds in the year following giving up. Not all ex-smokers experience this however those that do are rarely happy about it.

There are many reasons that ex-smokers may gain weight after giving up smoking. For one, many find tobacco cigarettes offer something of an appetite suppressant while others feel that boredom and replacing the hand to mouth action of smoking with snacking/eating is to blame.

There is Another Way

A recent study has shown that those switching to vaping as opposed to giving up smoking altogether (harder than it might sound!) are much less likely to gain weight. 100/500 vapers said that they gained some weight when giving up smoking whereas 400/500 said that they didn’t, despite possibly expecting to. Indeed, 20 percent of those surveyed actually reported weight loss after switching to vaping. A happy side effect of vaping for some, though not in any way guaranteed or something the vaping community would advertise as a benefit.
All the same, the reduction in weight gain post-smoking for vapers is definitely something to think about, especially if weight gain is something hold you back from quitting smoking.

Why Does Vaping Result in Fewer Weight Gains

There are many reasons and all of them point towards vaping being an excellent alternative to smoking. The hand to mouth action, the relaxation and stress-busting effects of smoking and having something to keep you away from the snacks are all things that smokers value and vaping mirrors, so you may enjoy a cleaner, flavoured, incredibly enjoyable alternative and be much less likely to struggle with weight gain.

Support for Giving Up Smoking

If you are thinking about giving up smoking don’t be put off by weight gain concerns. Gaining approximately 11lbs in weight (this doesn’t happen to everyone) is nothing compared to the damage that you do when you continue smoking. Visit your local Stop Smoking clinics, look at nicotine replacement and consider vaping as an alternative.

Many NHS professionals advocate for the use of e cigarettes as a valid alternative to smoking, including one NHS trust who offer a one-time-only £25 vaping voucher in order to allow smokers to buy a starter kit, setting them off on the path to vaping so they may ditch their harmful smoking habit.

With e cigarettes and vaping being a great alternative to smoking and there being much less risk of significant weight gain, it’s clear to see why so many choose vaping when looking to quit smoking successfully.

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