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New Year - New E-Cigarette Smoker?

15th Jan 2016

In all the fuss about whether e-cigarettes do or don’t help you quit smoking and if e cigs should be prescribed on the NHS and whether or not e liquids should contain alcohol, one simple fact often goes missing … people who want to stop smoking find electronic cigarettes are a life-saver.

And a major voice in the smoking debate has been trying to remind us of this fact. Professor David Sweanor has fifteen year history of research into the harmful effects of smoking and he says that moving to e-cigarette use, or vaping, is ‘way less hazardous’ than burning tobacco to get the nico-tine.

So why are so many people negative about e cigarettes? He thinks one reason is that people who campaign against the big tobacco companies see this as a way to wipe them out, so they don’t want any diversions from the ‘crusade’ to close them down. Maybe he’s right, but how does that help today’s smoker who’s made a New Year’s Resolution to stop smoking but is struggling or maybe has already cracked and gone back to their bad habit?

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New Year’s Resolution - stop smoking with e-cigarettes

There are several ways an e-cig can help a smoker to give up traditional cigarettes:

• Choose an e-cigarette liquid that you like the taste of, and that’s nothing like the tobacco blend flavours - that way your subconscious starts to associate obtaining nicotine with a different taste sensation and it breaks the link between nicotine-tobacco in your mind. Even better, buy an e-liquid variety pack and try out a range of different flavours.

• Start with a high nicotine content e-liquid and then work your way down to lower nicotine contents - that way you’ll get enough replacement nicotine to deal with your physical dependence on it and can wean yourself off slowly as you get comfortable with your e-cig.

• Get positive feedback - one of the key ways to stay off cigarettes is to have the support of friends and family, so ask them what differences they notice when you move to e-cigarette smoking. You’ll probably be surprised how much they like the new you with fresh breath, no smoky clothes, not having to air the car out before driving it, the way you don’t disappear at social events to find a place to smoke … this information will help you see how much better life is without tobacco so you can settle into your new vaping habit.

And of course, not everybody wants to stop smoking altogether. For some people there’s a balance to be struck between giving up tobacco and keeping a behaviour that they find they don’t want to lose. For them, e-cigarettes are a boon, supporting the habit of ‘smoking’ without the inconvenience, health risks or cost.

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