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Misleading Health Reports Regarding E Cigarettes Result in Lawsuits

1st Jun 2015

A legal battle is on the cards as the e cigarette industry as a whole are looking to quash speculation from critics regarding e cigarettes and health concerns by denouncing and looking for legal redress over misleading claims. These claims feature damning and unfounded criticism of vaping as a whole and particularly whether there are health concerns attached to the popular smoking alternative.

In a proactive move against critics the SFATA (the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) recently raised a staggering $110k (approx £72k) in just three hours which they intend to use to tackle what they feel is unfair legislation and to challenge unfounded rumours and misinformation regarding e cigarette smoking which they believe is being manufactured by critics.

The fundraiser, aptly named "The Line in The Sand" is to date the most successful and certainly the most profitable fundraising event for the e cigarette industry. Upcoming events have already been planned to further fill the coffers of the SFATA's legal challenge fund and to increase their level of campaigning. In a tweet which showed that SFATA planned on taking no prisoners the Northern Californian co-president Stefan Didak simply sent out the message "fear us" after the Line in The Sand fundraiser had concluded.

Didak has been clear that what the SFATA are looking to do is to quiet the disinformation campaigns and to stop critics and opponents to the e cigarette industry employing underhand tactics in court and when producing legislation which negatively affects the fast-rising global smoking alternative market.

While many remain on the fence regarding the long term benefits of e smoking as opposed to tobacco smoking, which has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be dangerous to health it appears to be much easier to have a negative article published than one supporting vaping in some circles. This type of censorship is what the SFATA are also looking to alleviate.

It would certainly seem, considering the unprecedented success of the recent SFATA fundraising efforts that there are many who would like to see a fairer system of consideration and reporting on the e smoking phenomenon and this will go a long way to helping the SFATA and other interested parties stop the critics and their unfounded allegations.

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