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​Is Vaping a Fad?

22nd Jun 2018

There have been many popular trends that have come and gone. Look at shell suits and loom bands for example. What about vaping? Will the vaping industry start to fade? Will the novelty fizzle out? We think e cigarettes are here to stay.

Don’t get us wrong. Vaping has evolved incredibly quickly. What this means is that the e cigarettes from ten years ago, for example, look very different to the mods and more that are regularly seen today. Vaping will continue to evolve as new technology comes along and we presume e cigs will look very different in the future. Indeed, we expect that they will not only still be around, they will be more popular than ever. Here is why.

Smoking is Still a Threat

Individuals have been smoking for many, many years. In some places smoking is part of the national culture. Attitudes to smoking will not change overnight. Even now with WHO classifying ingredients in tobacco cigarettes as being toxic and as having the potential to cause cancer many people still light up. Despite hundreds of research papers and reports and millions of pounds spent on anti-smoking, pro-health marketing campaigns, people still smoke tobacco cigarettes.

The battle against harmful tobacco smoking is nowhere near won yet, despite the numbers of adult smokers having dropped significantly in recent years. Vaping offers a valid, enjoyable and healthier alternative to a habit that is steeped in history and is a tough habit to break.

Long Term Safety

By long term safety we refer to Public Health England very publicly announcing that they believe vaping to be at least 95% healthier than smoking. At least ninety five percent. What this means is that it is not 5% harmful, it means that studies haven’t been undertaken vaping research over a long enough period of time to tick that last box. We fully expect, as do many health professionals, charities and scientists, amongst others, for vaping to be deemed as being 100% safe and healthy in the not so distant future. How does this stop vaping from being forgotten? Vaping is enjoyable, it is preferable to smoking in every way, is more affordable long term and with studies eventually proving vaping to be a healthy as we all know it is, there is no reason for anyone not to vape, especially once the long term benefits have been proven.


Smokers switch from tobacco to e cigs because it’s healthier and costs less long-term. They stick with vaping not because they should for their health, they continue to vape because they enjoy it. One of the most appealing factors about vaping is the fact that you can customise your vape in so many ways, from choosing from hundreds of e liquids to countless devices, mods, accessories and more. If something is consistently enjoyable and moves with the times quick enough to keep things interesting there’s no way that it will become another soon-forgotten fad.

The Future

What vaping in 2025 or 2035 might look like is anyone’s guess. The point is, everything points towards e cigarettes being a long term fixture as opposed to a fad that is soon forgotten. 

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