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​Go Smoke Free in 2019

30th Dec 2018

If you haven’t guessed by our name (Go Smoke Free) we are keen advocates for anything that will help people quit smoking and enjoying a healthier and no doubt wealthier life. Many people are now finding the best way to give up smoking is to switch to vaping which we look at in more detail below. If you really want to give up smoking in 2019, we wish you the very best of luck and hope this info will help you make that positive change for good.


Open Eyes When it Comes to Smoking

While once upon a time it was perfectly normal to smoke and some people were even given cigarettes as part of their weekly pay, our modern awareness puts tobacco smoking in a whole new light. Countless studies have confirmed that smoking is responsible for some cancers, respiratory diseases, is a risk factor for anyone with other conditions, for example diabetes and heart disease to name a few, and more.

It has also been proven that passive smoking, a non-smoker breathing in someone else’s cigarette smoke, can be just as dangerous to them as if they had lit up a cigarette and smoked it themselves. This realisation formed the basis of the Go Smoke Free legislation that went live in 2007 which effectively banned smoking in public places including eateries, on public transport, at work and more. 

Clearly we all know that smoking is not a good idea, so why doesn’t everyone just stop?

Quitting Isn’t Easy

Scientists and psychologists have proven that it is not simply a nicotine addiction that stops people from quitting smoking, even when they really want to. While nicotine is known to have addictive properties anyone trying to go cold turkey will also find themselves battling a body that is used to all of the other chemicals in tobacco cigarettes (worrying because there are some real nasties in there according to WHO), and missing the hand to mouth action, the relaxing inhale and exhale experience, the social aspect and more. 

If only there was something that offered all this without the damning health implications that come with smoking……

Go Smoke Free With Vaping

There is a long line of professionals queuing up to sing the praise of vaping as a cessation device. One NHS trust in Hampshire was even giving a one-off £25 vaping voucher to attendees of their stop smoking clinics in order to buy a vaping starter kit locally to help them walk away from smoking. Stoptober, the annual stop smoking campaign run by Public Health England listed e cigarettes as a way to quit smoking last year year for the first time. Countless cancer and heart charities amongst others have been keen to support a switch to vaping if that will help people give up smoking altogether.

There are many reasons why vaping is the better alternative, including:

  • Vaping is cheaper than smoking, making it a budget friendly alternative (especially with a twenty pack of cigarettes now costing £10+).
  • Public Health England have publicly announced their findings that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.
  • The World Health Organisation have classified a great number of chemicals in tobacco smoke as being toxic and as having the real potential to cause cancer. No such classifications exist for any e liquid ingredients.
  • Vaping allows you enjoy the same or similar actions as you did when smoking, namely the hand to mouth action, taking a draw and so on.
  • E liquids used within e cigarettes contain nicotine in various different strengths so you can switch and not have to go cold turkey in terms of walking away from nicotine too. You can however reduce the amount of nicotine gradually until you may vape nicotine free e liquid if that is a goal for you.

These are just a few of the ways that vaping is better than smoking and why it works so well as a cessation device, even if they are not cessation devices officially (yet - PHE are working on this!).


In Summary

You know the reasons to give up smoking and make 2019 your year, you now know the differences between smoking and vaping and you know that you can do it. If you’re thinking about quitting smoking and have struggled either going cold turkey or quitting via other methods in the past give vaping a try. It may be exactly what you need to kick your harmful and expensive smoking habit.

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