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Current Trending E Liquids

Current Trending E Liquids

Posted by on 10th Sep 2015

Vaping is quickly becoming a very popular alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. The range of flavours available are vast. Many people who try vaping for the first time tend to stick to one or two flavours. So you don’t want to get stuck in an eliquid rut and have decided to be a bit more adventurous? But with so many flavour combinations to choose from, where do you start?

Here is a brief guide to some of the most popular current trends in e liquid flavours.

Tobacco And Menthol Flavours

Still by far the most popular e liquids. For those who are trying to cut down or quit smoking, these flavours, especially the American blend flavours give a great alternative to tobacco products while keeping a faithful resemblance to authentic tobacco and menthol cigarettes tastes.

Confectionary Flavours

You may not have indulged in sweets for years, but there is something about the confectionary range of e liquids that brings back the child in everyone.

A firm favourite is bubble gum flavoured e liquid. Sweet, fruity and just like your favourite bubble gum. Other popular flavours are pear drops, fruity skittles, cotton candy, liquorice and even tic tac orange.

If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic there are even black jack and parma violets flavoured e liquids!

Fruit Flavours

Fruit flavoured e liquids are becoming increasingly popular. Available in single fruit flavours such as banana, pear, apple, pineapple, or water melon, or fruit combinations such as tutti frutti, fruit mix or cherry berry; you will find a fruit e liquid to match the taste of your favourite fruits.

Dessert Flavours

If you have a sweet tooth and are worried that quitting smoking could cause you to gain weight then try one of the hugely popular range of dessert flavoured e liquids. Choose from flavours such as butterscotch or vanilla ice-cream, caramel, banoffe pie, chocolate banana or vanilla custard. Dessert flavoured e liquids are a great alternative to an after-dinner cigarette.

Drink Flavours

Most smokers tend to associate smoking with drinking. That’s why the drinks flavours eliquids are a popular range of e juices to. From coffee to cappuccino, and cocktails such as pino colada or mojito, the range of drinks flavours available will help you enjoy your favourite beverage without the temptation to light up a traditional cigarette.

GoSmokeFree has over 200 e liquid flavours to choose from, including the current most popular trends. Save money by ordering the cost-effective multi-packs. Visit our website for more information on our full range of e liquids.

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