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Autumn - Favourite E Liquid Flavours

22nd Oct 2015

Autumn is upon us once again. The days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. Burning bonfires, falling leaves, warm, crackling fires; as we get ready for winter, autumn evokes a range of sensations. If you enjoy the e cigarette experience, then here is a guide to some of the more popular e liquid flavours to remind you of this beautiful season.


Whether you are used to smoking cigarettes, rolled tobacco, cigars or even a pipe, you will be sure to find a genuine tobacco flavoured e liquid to suit your tastes. Tobacco flavoured e liquids range from smooth, mellow flavours to stronger tasting full-flavoured e juices.

For a truly autumnal tobacco taste, RY4 e liquid is reminiscent of smoking bonfires and the sweet caramel tones that bring to mind Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Tobacco Mint Flavours

Tobacco mint flavoured e liquids offer the same experience as smoking a menthol cigarette. You can control your level of nicotine while enjoying a fresh, minty tobacco taste that will sharpen your senses. Ranging from cool, mellow peppermint tasting e liquids to throat hitting, icy flavours, the menthol flavours of tobacco mint e liquids are perfect for those cooler autumn days.

Autumn Fruit Flavours

Nothing evokes autumn more than seasonal autumn fruits. Consider trying an e liquid flavoured with your favourite autumn fruit:

  • Apple e liquid - It’s like biting into a crisp, green apple. Sweet yet tangy, the apple flavoured e liquid is a refreshingly smooth e liquid hit.
  • Blackberry e liquid - Remember early autumn days of foraging for blackberries? The blackberry e liquid has a wonderfully sweet, just picked, blackberry taste.
  • Blackcurrant e liquid - For a deeper, more intense autumn fruit taste, try the deeply satisfying blackcurrant flavoured e liquid.

  • Cappuccino

    As the colder days are closing in, what could be better than the smooth, mellow yet warm flavour of a cappuccino flavoured e liquid. This is a great alternative to smoking if your nicotine fix is triggered by your early morning cup of coffee.


    There is something about autumn that makes us yearn for the sweet tastes of childhood Just imagine bonfire toffee, toffee apples and roasting marshmallows and you’ll be craving for the sweet taste of autumn. Consider trying the caramel e liquid. This well-rounded flavour will roll off the tongue and satisfy your sweet cravings. The pleasant, mild taste is perfect for vaping on Bonfire Night! 

    GoSmokeFree offer a range of delicious tasting eliquid for every season. Visit our website for our full range of products.

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