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E Liquids For Different Types Of People

E Liquids For Different Types Of People

27th Oct 2015

If you are considering trying e cigarettes for the first time, you may be interested to know that there are hundreds of different flavoured e liquids and e juices available for all tastes. E liquid is the fluid that goes into the e cigarette tank. Using a powerful battery, the e liquid is ignited and warmed, giving off a harmless vapour containing the flavour of your choice. You can also choose what level of nicotine your require for your e liquid.

Once you have purchased your e cigarette starter kit, you can start to have fun by experimenting with the wide range of different flavoured e liquids. Different people use e cigarettes for different reasons. They also choose specific e liquid flavours for different reasons. Here’s a brief guide to some of the more popular e liquid flavours to help you decide which is better suited to you.


Many people who are trying to cut down on their smoking habit or would like to quit altogether, tend to opt for tobacco flavours similar to the traditional cigarettes they are used to. People who smoke menthol cigarettes can also choose between a range of tobacco menthol flavours. 


Alcohol consumption is a major trigger for smokers. Many who are tempted to light up, opt for an alcohol flavoured e liquid instead. Flavours range from liquors such as amaretto to cocktail flavours such as mojito and pino colada. Coffee is another smoking trigger. Those who like a traditional cigarette with their early morning coffee can find espresso, cappuccino and coffee flavoured e liquids. There are also e juice flavours of popular soft drinks such as cola, lemonade and red energy.

Sweet Flavours

Many find that cutting down on smoking increases their sugar cravings. Instead of reaching for a calorie-laden dessert after dinner, some prefer to choose sweet flavoured e liquids such as vanilla ice cream, tuttti frutti, banoffee pie or caramel mocha to help calm their cravings. Others prefer the nostalgic tastes of childhood sweets such as bubble gum, pear drops, black jacks and sherbet.

Fruit flavoured e liquids are also very popular. Flavours such as apple, melon, red berry or forest fruits offer a sharp yet sweet e liquid flavour. Whatever your personal tastes, you will find an e liquid flavour to suit your needs and calm your cravings. GoSmokeFree is an online, wholesale supplier of e cigarette starter kits and advanced kits, tanks and e liquids. For more information on our range of over 400 different flavoured e liquids, visit us online.

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