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E Liquid - How to Protect Your Children

14th Dec 2014

As with traditional tobacco products there is the danger of misuse with electronic cigarettes and particularly e liquids, as there is with pretty much anything as far as children are concerned.

There will have been a great number of children and young teens over the years who have found themselves at the doctors or even hospital after deciding to experiment with their parent’s cigarettes and the same risks are present with electronic cigarettes.

As you would with tobacco, matches and other smoking paraphernalia it is important to take steps to ensure children, and pets, are protected.

  1. Buy e liquids with a child proof top where possible. These work in much the same way as medicine containers which make it impossible for even the most curious of small fingers to open them.
  2. Store your e liquids and e cigarettes in a hard to reach or lockable place, eliminating the risk of children happening upon them and being unable to resist temptation.
  3. E liquids come in a range of flavours including chocolate, bubble gum and a number or flavours which may also appeal to children, as well as adult vapers. Make it clear to all children that your electronic cigarettes and e liquids are not sweets, not a toy and are not to be touched. High levels of nicotine may be very dangerous, especially to children and so if your child does ingest your e liquid get them to an emergency doctor immediately.
  4. E Liquids, tobacco cigarettes, cleaning products, alcohol, DIY items; all of these may be harmful if not fatal if misused by children. As you would with your bleach or petrol can take steps from the start to secure your e liquids and smoking equipment so that you may enjoy the experience without the worry that your children may endanger themselves.

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