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These custard themed e liquids are fabulous for anyone looking for a vape that is sweet, creamy and utterly delicious. The beauty of custard e liquids is that you may enjoy custard as a standalone vape or alongside a range of other flavours. Custard is often found within dessert e liquids such as apple pie, with crumbles, pastries and alongside fruit tasting e liquids. The creamy taste of custard can reduce or even compliment the sharp taste of rhubarb and add a sweetness to other vape flavours.

The beauty of such a full, smooth and tasty e liquid flavour such as this is that you can enjoy it any way that you want. For example, these e liquids are available as high PG e liquids and as high VG e liquids. In addition to this there’s no limitation on what kind of e cigarette device you may use so you can load a custard e liquid into the vape tank of your basic starter kit or even a more advanced piece of vaping kit with all the bells & whistles.

However you enjoy these e liquids, you’ll be sure to want to come back time and time again.

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