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Cookies are naturally sweet, sweeter than most sweet biscuits, which is why cookie e liquids are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Buttery, creamy, biscuit-tasting cookies may be found with chocolate flavours (White, dark or milk) as well as couple with anything from lavender to lemon.
If you are a cookie fan and love a big vape cloud you might want to consider some of these liquids that are high VG. If you’re less of a cloud fan and more about the throat hit and flavour, high PG could be your thing. Whichever flavour you choose, whatever base you favour, any of these e liquids would work well in your e cigarette, regardless of whether it is an advanced rebuildable with new vape coils or an e cigarette straight out of a starter kit.

We would advise that High VG liquid works best in Sub-Ohm devices and that High PG liquid works best in lower powered devices and pod systems. Always make sure that the liquid you want to purchase is suitable for your tank.

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